These days everybody has a camera on their phone, we carry it with us everywhere we go and we take selfies and fun pics with friends which we instantly post on Facebook, so why should we do a professional photo shoot anymore?  We haven’t forgotten the importance of a photo, that’s why smart phones get smarter cameras; the manufacturers know how the public like to take images with their phones. But the images often become throw away memories, we take, we post, we move on. (These are fun images from fun times.) Photography has therefore become disposable.

Because of this we often get asked if there is still a need for professional photographers. My first reply to this is; how many of those memories are on your wall, in your home? With new technology we are able to print images from our phone, so, why a professional shoot? First, for a family shoot, how difficult is it to get your family together, get everyone to look at the camera and still be in the picture yourself, just about impossible! A professional takes the stress out of trying to organise your family; people tend to listen to somebody who has been hired, even the teenagers! A professional photographer knows how to use light and how to pose a whole group of people to get the best results, and should one of the family members still be looking away or blinking, a professional photographer can fix that in editing. Spending the extra money to hire a photographer is worth it, having a special photo of your family hanging on your wall makes a house a home.

When it comes to a woman booking a shoot for herself there is a whole magical process that happens.  We have had the privilege of shooting Boudoir photography for several years and the results are always amazing, and when I talk about results I’m not talking about the images, I’m talking about how our clients feel about themselves after. The most common phrase used is liberated, and in this world where there is a backlash about woman being sexualised it is very positive to hear woman say they feel liberated after doing a sexy shoot. Of course a boudoir shoot is not for everyone and we were curious to see if our female clients would have the same reaction doing a normal contemporary portraiture shoot. Although these clients didn’t use the word liberated they did feel empowered, seeing yourself through the eye of a lens somehow changes the way you see yourself. It would seem that the experience of having your makeup done for you and someone telling you how to pose works into ones psyche in a positive way.

It’s not just woman who feel this way. Men who have come for shoots with us are just as excited  to see their images and although they don’t use the words liberated or empowered, and given the world we live in it probably not something men would think about, but there is that feeling of accomplishment.

So, is a photo shoot just about ego. One could argue that in the social media crazy world we live in today it is, but for me having a good photo of yourself is about seeing yourself differently. We are bombarded daily with images of beautiful people that make us feel a bit ordinary. How are we ever going to look like that? Well we can’t, because not even the celebs look like that every day, but in a professional photo shoot we are able to create that space for you.

So don’t give up on a professional shoot, there is a good reason why the when you take a pic it doesn’t quite look the same as the ones in the magazine.